Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Since it appears that I won't have any children I am really into the idea of uploading my mind to a computer and it being possibly simulated in the future. It's like having a child of the mind. This company is planning to offer this service in the coming years, though their current method of scanning the brain is lethal, so you would have to do it with some sort of compassionate-care death.

It will probably be over a hundred years before they can actually simulate a mind, and who knows if the scan will be adequate? But I think this offers me the possibility of leaving a simulated me behind. And maybe being reborn in the future.

Though they do have a notice on their site now due to recent press, the notice states that currently it is unknown if there proposed technology will be available and be doable from an ethical standpoint.

Here's a link to the company planning to do all this.

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