Saturday, December 2, 2017

Blade Runner 2049

I also love the new Blade Runner 2049, I would find it hard to chose between the new one and old one, but if I had to I would pick the new one because it added the element of A.I. slavery. My favorite episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation is "The measure of a man", which deals with A.I. slavery. It has a different feel than the first one which keeps things fresh, though still familiar cyberpunk noir stuff, it still has new colours and emotions to invoke. The Atari logo scene made my nerdbrain orgasm, because, poor Atari.

It is not for everyone, but if you love cyberpunk noir, it is a must see. Also if you can handle dark toned movies that aren't meant to make you feel good and are thought provoking. Once again, best not watched alone in a dark room after midnight, you will probably get sad, make it a party.

As far as the sci-fi goes, it doesn't offer anything new, but as one of my friends says, you have to go to sci-fi literature for the cutting edge in sci-fi, the movies and TV lag behind. But as a movie it is the cutting edge.

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