Thursday, October 19, 2017

Star Trek Generations

I actually guiltily love this film, it's TNG on steroids, and unlike the other TNG films, it still retains the ship from the series and the uniforms. Why does that matter? Well, it only matters if you grew up on TNG, it was cool to have it on the big screen with that cinematic feel. And the Enterprise-D is ILM beautiful now. I even admit that I like Data's emotion chip freak-out scenes, it was such a magnificent performance. Can I recommend it to an average moviegoer? No. It is a fan pandering film, a certain kind of fan anyways. But as a TNG Trekkie, if you liked the feel of the series and didn't like the changes for the film that is understandable.

This is one of the reasons why I feel guilty about liking it, so many inside reasons that I like it, nothing really universal besides the eyecandy and great acting (again with the eyecandy!). Also, I have friends who think it's trash.

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