Thursday, October 19, 2017

Blade Runner (Director's Cut)

I love love love this movie, but I can see how it is not a universally appealing movie, you have to like dark visuals over dialogue and action, it's a slow beautiful movie. But like my Dad says, it's not really a movie to watch alone in the dark, it will affect your mood negatively. You gotta make a party of it, also like every other film douche I think the theatrical cut is inferior, don't bother. The story is awesome sci-fi; Philip K Dick who is surprised? It isn't a future I would want to live in forever, but it would be awesome for a short amount of time just to admire and eat ramen in a neon cyberpunk street, this movie is pretty much the anti-star trek, the future as a garbage place to live with cool flying cars and arcologies and not enough sunlight.

Mind you Star Trek does dark now too due to Star Trek Discovery. Happy Picard Day Motherfuckers!

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