Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Having Children

I have been lately been desiring to have my own children more and more, I know I have said in the past that I am against it, but I really want to be a father now. I can change my mind I feel. I have discussed it with my wife and we agreed that we don't have enough money to properly raise a child, so it's not happening for now. I am surprised at the urge that has been in my thoughts lately though, I am a bit of a slave to my animal instincts I suppose.

I have been enjoying being a stepfather, I like it when Asher comes to do stuff with me, though he is usually in his room on his console. It is a good feeling to help, being a single mom is difficult, and my mom was a single mom for many years and I am grateful. So I have started playing the lottery, so I can procreate if we win. You think one could kickstart this, name the child after the highest donor as a reward? I dunno, it's kinda weird, but I am not dismissing the thought entirely, also I kinda doubt it would work.


  1. I will be the highest donor and it's name will be Jay-bob.